Electronic Publication Permission Form

In order to submit an Electronic Publication Permission Form, simply send an e-mail to the Webminister (Webminister@calontir.org) by pasting the text in the box below into a e-mail and fill in the appropriate blanks.

Instructions: Only fill out information you want to be displayed on the Kingdom Web site. An SCA name, Office Name and one piece of contact information is the minimum required. If one piece of contact info is provided, a personal e-mail address is recommended. Kingdom officers have an e-mail alias that is an office specific address that will forward to the personal e-mail address. Please be specific in the Office Name field i.e. “Seneschal of [group name]”. Sign and mail to the Webminister at the address listed in the Mews or via e-mail to Webminister@calontir.org. You will be sent an confirmation e-mail at the address you listed. If the permissions are for any Web site other than http://www.calontir.org/ you must type in the Web site URL and name of that site’s webminister. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail. Note the confirmation final e-mail is not be automated, so it could take up to a week (at least during major wars).

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