Webminister Warrant List

This is the current list of Warranted Webministers as of January 11, 2015.

All changes must be reported through the Kingdom Webminister (Webminister@calontir.org).

Group Seneschals *and* Webministers: If your group is not listed here, it means something is missing from the Kingdom Webminister’s records. Please contact Honorable Lady Lucia Octavio da Siena immediately (Webminister@calontir.org).

Calontir Webminister Warrant List
Group Webminister Warrant Expiration
All changes must be reported through the Kingdom Webminister.
Calontir site
Allison of Forgotten Sea 08/25/2016
Deputy Ffelix Aeskilson 09/01/2016
Armorial page
Gunnar Thorisson 09/18/2016
Lilies War
Lilies War
Allison of Forgotten Sea 9/01/2016
Marshallate page
Brendan Mac an tSaoir 01/01/2017
Order of Precedence
Order of Precedence page
Eynon Llandegnydd 12/15/2016
Saker Herald
Saker Herald page
Gunnar Thorisson 09/18/2016
Social Media Katherine d'Arles 01/01/2017
Shire-March of Grimfells
Grimfells Web site
Eynon Llangenydd 12/15/2016
Canton of Axed Root
Axed Root Web site
Giovanni Loredan 08/26/2016
Barony of Coeur d’Ennui
Coeur d’Ennui Web site
Joseph Lambertssoen 10/31/2016

Shire of Deodar

Deodar Web site

Damien MacGavin 11/6//2015

Shire of Flinthyll

Flinthyll Web site

Hannibal the Oblivious 11/6/2016
Shire of Heraldshill
Heraldshill Web site
Sofya la Rus 11/06/2016
Shire of Shadowdale
Shadowdale Web site
Catrijn vanden Westhende 10/1/2016
Shire of Bois D’Arc
No acting Webminister
Shire of Crescent Moon
Crescent Moon Web site
Yamashiro Kato 11/06/2016
Shire of Spinning Winds
Spinning Winds Web site
Maria Arosa de Santa Olalla 10/1/2016
Barony of Vatavia
Vatavia Web site
Fr. Thomas Bacon 5/1/2017
Kansas City Area
Canton of Aston Tor
Aston Tor site
Mongke 09/25/2016
Shire of Cúm an Iolair
Cúm an Iolair Web site
Giraude Benet 03/13/2016
Barony of Forgotten Sea
Forgotten Sea Web site
Edward Logan de Munro 03/16/2016
Canton of Loch Bheathrach
Loch Bheathrach Web site
Edward Logan de Munro
Shire of Amlesmore
Amlesmore Web site
Leopold Heinrich von Rufkhar 03/05/2016
College of Bellewode
Bellewode Web site
Shire of Calanais Nuadh
Calanais Nuadh Web site
Margery of Penrith 11/01/2016
Shire of Lost Moor
Lost Moor Web site
Halldór Skaptason 03/08/2016
Shire of Oakheart
Oakheart Web site
Įžthelred 01/01/2017
Shire of Standing Stones
Standing Stones Web site
Ingvar 4/1/2016
Barony of Three Rivers
Three Rivers Web site
Osric Reyner 12/5/2016
Shire of Wyvern Cliffe
Wyvern Cliffe Web site


Barony of Lonely Tower
Lonely Tower Web site
Khuden Volkov 01/25/2017
Barony of Mag Mor
Mag Mor Web site
Ffelix Aeskilson 01/14/2017